House Pets and Farm Animals
These are animals that I have ventured into out here in the country that people have as pets. I have pictures of the ones that I have had here with me on the farm throughout the years and became attached too along with many others in the neighborhood...Now some animals just do not make the grade to stay in the house because of size and or temperament so they have to stay outside. I have pictures of these plus they got/get no less love because of their nature.

The Wild Ones
When you live in the country theres much wild life so I have pictures of them. Some hassles come from them as well as bugs out here but when I lived in the City I had some neighbors who were just as bad or even worse to deal with:) Wild animals can also be seen at the Zoo or Circus which I like to frequent so I usually take may camera. I do hate how I have seen how many have been treated but there are many loving, caring people who take care of them with love as well.
Bro's and Dudes
Here I have listed and have pictures of some of the guys out here. I prefer mellow and calm individuals because of my past fast lane life. I also like solitude and have met few who I can feel relaxed with. This does not mean that the ones I have met are off the wall...we just went our separate ways even though we had a good time together while it lasted. There are few people that I can see today and have to hide or put my head down although they may avoid me.
Babes and Dudettes
I have had my share of ladies out here that were Lovers and friends who came and went. I just had to comment on some and post a few pictures because they have caused me joy and pain. After a while I guess we just grew apart and no longer had interest in each other. I fear intimacy because many have cheated on me, not that I have been an Angel myself but I always feel that a commitment is ruined by distrust and respect. It seems that the TLC I received stood for Theiving, Lieing and Cheating. Usually after we go our separate ways there is no longer any contact...